What is the Video Catalogue and what’s
the benefit to you?


South African CAs:

Some of the best and hardest-working auditors and accountants across the world are the Chartered Accountants (CAs)
produced in South Africa. Blue Recruiting specialises in placing top notch South African CAs in financial management
and external audit roles globally as well as locally in South Africa.

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What is this Video Catalogue about?

Our Video Catalogues make finding the best South African CAs as efficient as possible for your
recruiting teams. Finally, a single online space has been created for you to view:

  • An up to date list of
  • The greatest choice of
  • The best South African CAs

We have split the catalogues for candidates with local intentions, and a separate International Intentions Catalogue for those who are looking to hire CAs abroad.

To make it easier for you, each candidate’s profile includes their:
  • Industry experience
  • Additional Passports
  • Notable achievements
  • And most importantly, pre-recorded video interviews

So what do you need to do?

With our easy-to-use Video Catalogue, international employers can easily zip through multiple profiles and video introductions at the click of a mouse, saving a whole lot of time and effort.

Then, if you are interested in any of the candidates, all you need to do is email us and we will arrange a Zoom / Teams interview.

It’s as easy as Flip-Click-Hire!



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