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The primary purpose of a corporate finance analyst job at the organisation is too carry out all Corporate Finance related tasks (refer to Objectives), with the assistance of an associate and/or principal, in order to ensure effective implementation of the transactions (or individual projects/ work streams) to which the Analyst has been allocated


  • A corporate finance analyst performs research for a variety of different reasons, namely:
    • Industry research (in respect of specific sectors)
      • Company research (understanding a client's business, identifying new potential clients, identifying buy-side and sell-side opportunities for current and prospective clients, etc.)
        • Transaction type research (BEE, M&A, leveraged buy-out, listings, etc.)
          • Technical research (valuation methodologies, modelling techniques, legal agreement clauses and definitions, etc.)
            • Corporate finance analysts are required to complete detailed valuation models (and other ancillary models) which are tailored for the exact purpose of a specific transaction.
              • Corporate finance analysts are required to draft various written documents, including but not limited to:
                • Marketing / Introductory Power Point Presentations (i.e. pitch decks on various transactions for various prospective clients)
                  • Transaction specific documents (information memorandums, deal structure, teasers. term-sheets, etc.)
                    • Legal documents (mandates, non-disclosure agreements)
                      • Corporate finance analysts are required to contribute to the team internally through various means:
                        • Marketing meetings (drafting of internal agendas and action items, budgets, etc.)
                          • Strategy documents
                            • Idea generation
                              • Corporate finance analysts are required to ensure the efficient and effective implementation of transactions, by actively being involved in the project management of live transactions, which
                              • Reviewing legal agreements
                                • Drafting minutes and agendas for project calls (also setting up these meetings)
                                  • Contributing to problem solving and idea generation on transactions
                                    • Assisting with client management (answering emails, following up on outstanding, etc.)
                                      • Various other ad hoc matters that may arise on any transaction.
                                        • Corporate finance analyst should, when required, assist with writing articles for the organisations marketing purposes (the "assist" relates to research and other specific contributions to
                                        articles where technical information is required from a Corporate Finance perspective)
                                        • A corporate finance analyst is required to accompany principals and associates to meetings with service and capital providers. This includes all work required for preparing for the relevant


                                        • Law (both B.Com and LLB)
                                        • Economics
                                        • B.Com Accounting (CA Route)
                                        • B.Com Finance / Business Sciences
                                        • Engineering (only if they have a finance/business background as well (i.e. MBA, CFA or similar program)
                                        • Mathematics (same pre-requisites as engineering)

                                        Additional Comments
                                        KNOWLEDGE (to be developed and refined over course of analyst career)
                                        • Legislation
                                        • Companies Act (inclusive Regulations)
                                        • Competition Act
                                        • B-BBEE Act (inclusive understanding relationship with Charters, Codes, etc.)
                                        • JSE Listings Requirements (inclusive understanding of empowering legislation i.e. Financial Markets Act)
                                        • Local and International Exchanges
                                        • How exchanges operate in general and product offerings (local and international)
                                        • Comparative understanding of local exchanges (differentiators and product suites)
                                        • Accounting
                                        • Financial modelling (basics and ability to adjust/ apply for specific sector requirements/ assumptions)
                                        • Understanding company financials
                                        • Basic regulatory understanding of the South African Reserve bank requirements and regulations
                                        • Current affairs (corporate and political where impacts on investment and ability to conduct business)
                                        • Business Writing (general correspondence, memorandums, opinions, presentations, reports, briefing documents, etc.)
                                        • An in-depth knowledge and understanding of all of the key transactions that the organisation performs:
                                        • Mergers and acquisitions
                                        • Capital raising
                                        • B-BBEE ownership transactions
                                        • Listing services
                                        • An analyst will be required to build a refine in-depth knowledge, for key transactions that the organisation performs (refer to above bullet)
                                        • Valuation methodologies, techniques and principles
                                        • Working understanding of all key legal agreements and the clauses contained therein (subscription agreements, shareholder agreements, term sheets, non-binding offers, debt facilities, etc.)


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