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Blue Recruiting is an independent financial recruitment service, aligned closely with KPMG South Africa. Blue Recruiting was founded and is managed by a KPMG Alumnus and our offices are situated in KPMG Crescent.

We exist to provide financial staffing solutions to KPMG clients and KPMG alumni, as well assisting KPMG alumni in getting the best jobs available in the market.

We believe that people work with people that they like and trust. Blue Recruiting is creating a community of KPMG Alumni to assist each other in progressing each other’s careers and being more successful in business.


As a KPMG Alumnus, are you looking for a change of employment to progress your career?

Blue Recruiting will assist you in finding the best job available in the market

Are you or your company looking for a Chartered Accountant?

Blue Recruiting will assist you in finding a suitably experienced candidate from our community of KPMG Alumni.

+27 (0) 10 110 1550
KPMG Crescent 85 Empire Road Parktown Johannesburg
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