Blue Recruiting launches a recruitment training academy

Blue Recruiting, specialist recruiter of chartered accountants and other finance professionals, has launched an academy for new recruiters in the industry. The initial cohort of six young graduates started the six-month course in mid-January 2023.

Blue Recruiting co-founder, James Hobson, says the programme is being run very much like an internship.

“We are delighted to start expanding our recruiting skills base with these bright and energetic graduates,” he says. “Recruitment is one of those industries that you fall into, rather than something you dream of going into as a child. So, when we present the idea of recruitment as a career, it’s often the first time a person is exposed to the profession.”

“Ironically, we struggle to recruit recruiters. And one of the ways to overcome that is to train new employees from scratch, which is what we hope to achieve through this programme.”

In addition, the programme provides participants with jobs in an environment where unemployment is rampant.

“This is a great opportunity for us to make a difference in a lot of people’s lives and also assure our business of a skills pipeline into the future.”

The participants will complete the course and then, depending on their performance, will be given the option either to extend their contract for another six months, or take up a permanent position in the company.

Jade Nel, head of international at Blue Recruiting, who co-developed the course, says the academy students have qualifications in a number of areas.

“Their qualifications range from sports and social sciences to biochemistry. We looked for people with the right aptitude and attitude, rather than seeking out people with specific qualifications.

“Our goal is to provide them with as many skills as possible, so that even if they decide not to stay in recruitment, their time with Blue Recruiting will not have been wasted. The core of recruitment is actually sales, so as long as you’re a people person and are determined to succeed, you will be able to do well in the field.”

Hlumela Mayedwa joined the programme after completing a BA in Development Studies. She has on-the-job experience in social media marketing and client services, having worked in a couple of roles in those fields before joining the Blue Recruiting Academy.

“I’m looking forward to learning about the world of recruitment and understanding the inner workings of the financial sector, as well as being part of the fantastic internal culture at Blue Recruiting,” she says. “More than anything, though, I feel this programme will challenge me with something completely different.”

Bryce Massyn has studied law, business management and industrial psychology. He also has experience running his own sports coaching business.

“I’ve always wanted a job in the corporate space,” he says. “The opportunity to work and learn at Blue Recruiting is absolutely incredible. I have a feeling I will find my passion here.”

The Blue Recruiting team will evaluate the course when it is done, with the view of repeating it on an annual basis.