Blue Recruiting’s fun day out with the learners from Bokamoso

In honour of Nelson Mandela’s legacy and his 67 minutes of charity, we got together recently at Zoo Lake to have some fun with the learners of Bokamoso. The intention of the day was to spoil the kids, during their school holidays, to a fun filled afternoon in the park – ball skills, soccer matches and delicious food and drink. Bringing the Blue Recruiting and Bokamoso teams together gave us a chance to get to know the learners better, to interact and find out more about what the trust is all about.

Bokamoso is an organisation really close to Blue Recruiting’s heart, find out more about how one of our directors, Graeme Marais, influenced the launch of this incredible trust at The Company We Keep.

Bokamoso is a foundation that exists to turn children’s dreams into reality.  They do this by providing the necessary financial support for an excellent education and currently support the education of 77 children across the country. Beyond this, Bokamoso also provides additional support through on-going personal interaction and mentorship for each child.

We had a few current Bokamoso mentors attend the picnic who spoke about the incredibly rewarding benefits of this mentorship programme. We, as the Blue Recruiting team, currently sponsor a young boy called Tristan Chilowa, who is excelling in his school career! To get more information on how you can sponsor a child for as little as R275 per month, or become a mentor for 1 hour a week, visit the Bokamoso website here.

It was such a wonderfully rewarding day to see the kids having so much fun, taking on the Blue Recruiting team in friendly soccer matches and just enjoying a day out in the winter sun!

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